What people say...

"I love working with you because you are so open and flexible and patient.  You really got behind my vision!"  Judybeth Greene, Artist

"I’m Carol, a professional hybrid photographer and a colleague of Jessica. She is a very insightful person. When we “talk photography” her playful caring always surfaces in the thoughtful questions she asks and the meaningful suggestions she shares. Shooting together is a joyful event of creativity and freedom. I always feel uplifted by our time together, and the longer I know her the better I know me."  Carol Schlintz, Professional Photographer, Mindworks Photography

"Ooooo, I LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks so much Jessica, these are just perfect. This might sound silly, but I really feel like you captured “who I am” … as in, they match the way I view myself and my personality." Stephanie Oppenheimer APR

"Our session with Portrait Playtime was so much fun that I almost forgot we were there to take pictures. Jessica really captured my children’s personalities and our family dynamic in the images. I am very happy with our pictures and I know we will enjoy them for years to come."  Maggie T.

"Jessica knew how to engage the boys so that the photo session was very easy. The pictures are beautiful and we will treasure them forever." Kristin H.


:Jessica captured the spirit and personality of each of my 3 boys, she was patient calm and sweet and the photographs are treasures for our family" Alisa H.

"Jessica and Rebekah went above and beyond based upon our families unique situation; my husband is leaving next week for a 6 month deployment. Because of the special bond between these ladies and our family they expedited the photo process so that my husband will be able to see them before he leaves. On the surface this may appear to be more than a kind gesture, but for me, this has allowed my family to enjoy the beautiful photos together.The professionalism, humor and care that we experienced with Jessica and Rebecka will be something that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. These ladies have truly given my family a reason to smile at such a difficult time in our lives. Thanks so much Playtime Portraits!"  Paris T.

"Thank you!! So excited…we just had our La Leche League meeting on Tuesday and the pictures were an absolute hit. Everyone was in awe of the beauty you captured." Rene K.

"Jessica and through her, Portrait Playtime made some beautiful portraits of our family. We were especially happy with Jessica’s ability to get everyone to relax and “act” natural. My in-laws are in their 90s and it is not easy to get them to loosen up, but Jessica did, and the pictures are a tribute to her abilities as a photographer. Thanks Portrait Playtime!" Nancy S.

"Doing a fundraiser with Jessica was easy, and enjoyable. I loved watching her interact with babies, children and adults to create great portraits." Marianne V.

"Working with Portrait Playtime was the perfect fundraiser for our La Leche League group! We hosted the locations for the photo shoots, spread the word to fill up the schedule, and they did everything else. Not only did we raise money for our group, but everyone who participated was delighted with the photos that were taken. The portrait of my family captures each personality perfectly."  Jenn Griffith

"Working with Jessica on my headshots was a delight — she was diligent, creative, enthusiastic and playful, and the whole process was fun. The photos were great and my publisher is thrilled!"  Benjamin Rosenbaum

"Your photographs are brilliant. Looking at them, you immediately know that our campers are interested, active, challenged and engaged. If you look at the pictures on any other camp web site, you see only posed pictures of smiling campers with their arms around each others’ shoulders." Shane Mishkin

"We were fortunate enough to secure Portrait Playtime to photograph our family as part of a fundraiser for our preschool. Our six year old is a natural ‘ham,’ grandma was nervous that she’d look old and wanted formal photos, our youngest boy had fallen asleep and woke up flushed, grumpy and refusing to take photos, and mom and dad were just trying to keep everyone happy. We took photos inside, outside, individually, with props and without, and in every combination possible. Jessica and her team helped us play, get comfortable in front of the camera, and try out whatever ideas we had in addition to making suggestions that turned out great. We had no idea how many beautiful photos had been captured. The hardest part of the whole experience was and still is, having to choose among so many special portraits. We spent hours and hours making hard choices because there were so many we loved and because there was so much variety to choose from. Portrait Playtime goes above and beyond in providing personal support and guidance in helping to get a finished product that best meets your hopes and goals. The best part is that after much fretting, grandma was happy with the photos and thrilled to have such a special gift."  Jennifer T.

"Working with Jessica was 100% enjoyable—from the photo shoot to the final product. The magnificent shoots captured the true essence of my daughter’s personality. I love my pictures!!"  Lori B.

"My children are far apart in age—our son is 17 and our daughter is 9—and I worried it would not be possible to get intimate, loving photos of them together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jessica engaged my children with each other and with her. The photos exceeded my expectations. Visitors to our home almost always ask who the photographer was." -Marianne V.

"What I love about my photos is that Jessica completely captured the essence of my two children at different stages and ages. Their quirks, their expressions and their personalities. When I look at our family photos I feel like I’ve entered a little time capsule where I can experience memories that I may have otherwise have forgotten. Thank you Jessica, what a treasure!" Michelle W.