Let me introduce myself. I’m Jessica and I’m the owner and lead photographer at Portrait Playtime. Based in Reston, VA, I’m a community hybrid photographer. Bet you’re wondering what a “community hybrid photographer” is! Me too - that is to say that my practice is always evolving. Here’s what I know so far… I use my photography to document and build community and provide clients with a rich viewing experience that includes stills and movies made from stills + video + audio (that ’s the hybrid part). Since 1998 I’ve been serving Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Favorite subjects include children, families, couples, schools, businesses and community groups. When I’m not photographing I love to educate on photography whether it is in the classroom, online or with strangers I meet on the street. The rest of my time goes to my own family - husband and daughter. In all of this, it’s the connections and stories that get me passionate about hybrid photography. It’s those connections and stories that build community.

Hybrid Photography for me is a mobile adventure. My studio is “on location” which may be your place, a park or other on-site location. Sessions are a place where people can go all out, that is work on their edges, use their full body, not be careful and try new things. Process is as important as the final product.

Community is near and dear to my heart. So I get involved; I host fundraisers; donate to local silent auctions, I bring people together; I teach; I share my passion for picture making and story telling in every way I can. With my camera I document the existing community and connection and if I can, build on what I see, dare people to go a step farther, show they love a little bit more, play a bit harder and let people in a bit deeper.

The goal is to change the world, make it a better place. In the past I was a civil rights worker working to stop housing discrimination throughout the country. Now as a hybrid photographer I believe that the photos and videos that I create reflect back to people how smart, competent, connected, willing to connect and caring they are. When people see themselves like I see them they are more likely to treat each other well and expect others to treat them well. That’s how I build community and how I make the world a better place.

I use playfulness in my sessions to bring out people's true self, to relax them and to engage them. This is how I travel through life - thinking out of the box, knowing there is more than one way to anything and that play is our first and common language.

Want to play? With me? I’m ready when you are!

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