Portrait Playtime | About Community Photography

Community Photography is both photography that depicts a community and builds it.

Everyone is important.  If you know you important and you know that others are important than you have the making of a community. 

Communities can be small or large, be just one family, a group of families, a school, a neighborhood, a city...we live in a community.


So my photography works on many levels to stregthen our communities,

I think my photos stregthen individuls concept of themselve, my photos help us like ourselves better remind us that we are brilliant and beautiful, strong and valnerable, able to love and are loved.

By empowering individuals people have a larger impact on their communities,

Our work also stregthens communities by telling their stories, chronicalling it.  Perserving history.

People working in community with each other is important and should be honored and preserved in some way.